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      Litigation Case Report   Search Date : 27-Feb-2006
Dear Customer,
We refer to the above matter and confirm that we have conducted the Legal Search - under Hight Court (included Winding-Up and Bankruptcy records), District Court, All Magistrates' Courts (included Eastern, Kowloon City, Kwun Tong, Tsuen Wan, Shatin, Fanling and Tuen Mun), The Lands Tribunal, Labour Tribunal, Small Claims Tribunal,  as per your instructions at today. We enclosed herewith our search report for your kind attention and perusal. Please note that in conducting the subject searches. We have undertaken a physical inspection of the computerized records. Although we are endeavourer to keep the computerized records of the date and information up-to-date to reflect the current status of the Subject, please allow for human errors and we do not accept liability for any inaccuracy and errors. Should you have any enquiries any futher asistance, please feel free to contact us at 82025022.
In Hong Kong, records of civil claims are available for public search. However, the outcome of the judgement may not be necessarily accessible by the public. In addition, the settlement of the lawsuit will  not lead to eraure of the related claim from the civil litigation record. So, the information shown in the report does not contain or imply any results of the judgement.
This report indicates, through a check of our local court record database, whether a party (either a company or an individual) has got involved in the following lawsuits that have been filed with the courts in the previous three months.
Double-X Information Company
Subject has been listed as defendant : (under Hight Court, District Court & Small Claims Tribunal)
Subject : 張金順      
Result : Total 1 Record(s)      
Action No. : SCTC080357/05      
Date : 23-Feb-2006        
Claimant(s) : 美麗都大廈業主立案法團      
Defendant(s) : 張金順        
Cause : 租金        
Amount : Amount not stated      
This report is provided to you in strict confidence at your request by Double-X Information Company, which serves as your agent, for your exclusive use as an aid in consideration of granting credit, insurance and other business decisions and for no other purposes. You shall not reveal or make known the contents of this report to the subject, firms, corporation and etc. All does not guarantee the correctness of the information provided and shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from using the information provided. Double-X Information Company, under any circumstances, reserves the right to demand for the return of this report at any time.