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       Company Information Report               Search Date : 15-Oct-2005
CR Number:   120457            
Company Name:   SAMPLE  COMPANY LIMITED      
Company Name (Chinese): 樣本有限公司           
Business Name:    -            
Business Name (Chinese):  -            
Registered Office:   Unit A, Block 3, 12/F, Sonic Industrial Centre, 29 Lam Hing Street, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon
Tel No.:     27966123            
Fax No.:     27963123, 27545124        
E-Mail Address:  
Date of Incorporation: 30-Dec-1996          
Company Type:   Local Company           
Company Status:   Private             
Active Status:   Live             
Winding Up Mode:              
Date of Dissolution:   -            
Register of Charges:   Available             
Important Note:   -            
Name History                
Effective Date   Name Used          
31-Mar-1987   SAMPLE COMPANY LIMITED      
30-Dec-1986   SAMPLE HK  LIMITED        
Date of Lastest Annual Return:  30-Dec-2004          
Share Capital                
Class of Share Authorized Capital Number of Shares Value of Eash Share Paid-up Capital
Ordinary HK$500,000.-   500,000 HK$1.- HK$500,000.-
Shareholders Address Number of Share
Sample (Holdings) Corp. Unit A, Block 3, 12/F, Sonic Industrial Centre, 29 Lam Hing Street, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon 499,999
ChanTai Man Flat 1, 33/F, Kai Hong House, Kai Tai Court, Kowloon 1
  Total 500,000
Secretary Address ID/PNN/CR
Company Services Limited Unit 1, Block A, 12/F, Hong Kong Trade Centre, Hong Kong 284320
Directors Address ID/PNN/CR
Chan Tai Man Unit A, Block 3, 12/F, Tonic Industrial Centre, 29 Lam Hing Street, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon G123456(1)
Lee Wing Fai Room 1312, Block R, Kornhill, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong E345678(0)
Mortgates & Charges              
Total Amount Outstanding of  Mortgages & Charges (Filed in CR): HK$1,188,100.22    
No. Document Name (E) - English Filing Date Document Ref. No. Pages
1 (E)FM1- Mortgage or charge details 7-May-2004 00009076933 2
2 (E)Certificate of Registration of Charge 7-May-2004 00007475409 1
3 (E)FM1- Mortgage or charge details 1-Dec-2003 00008822028 2
4 (E)Certificate of Registration of Charge 1-Dec-2003 00006459502 1
5 (E)FM1- Mortgage or charge details 9-Jun-2003 00008522044 2
6 (E)Certificate of Registration of Charge 9-Jun-2003 00007466007 1
7 (E)Memorandum of satisfaction 9-Nov-2000 00006671194 1
8 (E)FM1- Mortgage or charge details 9-Nov-2000 00006671191 2
9 (E)Certificate of Registration of Charge 9-Nov-2000 00006445795 1
10 (E)FM1- Mortgage or charge details 1-Feb-2000 00006142116 2
11 (E)Certificate of Registration of Charge 1-Feb-2000 00005243394 1
12 (E)Certificate of Registration of Charge 23-Aug-1990 000A5322196 1
13 (E)FIV- Particulars of a mortgage or charge created by a local company 23-Aug-1990 000A5322195 2
14 (E)Memorandum of satisfaction 20-Mar-1989 000A5322187 3
15 (E)Certificate of Registration of Charge 17-Dec-1987 000A5322179 1
16 (E)FIV- Particulars of a mortgage or charge created by a local company 17-Dec-1987 000A5322178 2
Civil Litigations Records              
This record indicates, (subject has been listed as defendant) through a check of our local court record database, whether a party (either a company or an individual) has got involved in the following lawsuits that have been filed with the courts in the previous 7 years. Only the latest 10 records will be shown when total records exceed 10.
              Total  1  Record(s).  
Action No.: A01234              
Date:   1-May-2000              
Defendant(s): SAMPLE COMPANY LIMITED          
Plaintiff(s):   WING LEE COMPANY LIMITED          
Cause:   Goods sold & delivered            
Amount:   Amount not stated            
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